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June 20th 2019

60 seconds with Emma, Gap Girl of 2019

One of our Gap Girls of 2019, Emma, tells us all about herself and how much she is enjoying her time at Blackheath High School.

What is your job title?

Gap Girl/Gap Assistant

Tell us about yourself. What is your role? What does your job involve?

My role is to help around the school in multiple ways. In the Junior School helping with PE and in the classroom and in the Senior School helping with admin jobs. My job is mainly to assist the teachers.

How long have you worked here? Tell us about your career path.

I have worked at Blackheath High School since January this year. I received this job after applying through a gap year program and I was placed at Blackheath, I’ll be finishing here in December.

What do you like most about your job?

Having the experience of living and working in London is so different to being at home. I really enjoy being able to see the other side of the school environment, as I only finished school last year.

What makes working here at Blackheath High School so rewarding and enjoyable?

The Blackheath High School community is so friendly and appreciative so it's rewarding to know that every task I complete is appreciated greatly.

What has been your biggest achievement at Blackheath High School?

I have learnt a lot of skills at Blackheath which I’m sure I will be able to use throughout my career, I also believe that moving out of home and working at Blackheath was a big achievement in itself.

What has been your biggest challenge at Blackheath High School?

It was difficult moving to a new country and trying to fit into a new community was definitely a challenge. Learning the ins and outs of the workplace was also difficult at work but the staff and students at Blackheath made it an easy challenge to overcome.

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

I like reading, cooking and travelling. As I am on a gap year the holidays are filled with travelling to new places and having new experiences.

Tell us something surprising about yourself

I am from a very small town in outback Australia with a population of only about 1500, so living here is definitely super different and exciting!



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