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May 17th 2019

STEM/STEAM club observe chemical reactions while making honeycomb

As part of the club's activities on 15 May, the students made honeycomb and were asked to observe the chemical reactions taking place during each stage. 

Firstly, they added caster sugar and golden syrup and heated the mixture until it was completely melted. Students observed a change of state from solid to liquid and a large increase in temperature (about 160 degrees) which was needed to melt the sugar. They let the mixture boil and bubble and observed a colour change as further reactions occurred in the sugar. They then added bicarbonate soda (baking powder) which made the mixture froth and increase in volume.

Students observed various chemical reactions taking place and were able to deduce at what stage they were ready to add the next ingredient, etc and how to adapt according to what was happening. 

The girls were able to learn that this is what Chemists/ Scientists do, they observe when and what should happen next in an experiment and adapt to it accordingly.  

Next STEM/STEAM club will be after Half Term where the girls will be making rainbow fish! 



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