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May 9th 2019

Learning about the rich Spanish culture in the Spanish Society

Hello, my name is Ezi and I am the president of Spanish Society, a new society that I have set up this term that runs every Monday week 2 in period 4a.

I decided that I wanted to establish Spanish Society to immerse the younger students into typical Spanish lifestyle early. In Spanish Society, students learn about the different aspects of Spain and Spanish-speaking countries such as their location, the different types of music, their respective traditional dances and their cuisine. These topics are divided into fortnightly sessions, so students can learn at a steady pace. There is also a session in which the students learn how to introduce and describe themselves in Spanish, which may be useful for holidays or meeting Spanish people. There are many fun activities planned for the society, such as Kahoot!, Snap and flamenco dancing, and I also make sure that there is traditional Spanish food at every session! It is open to anybody interested in Spanish, regardless of their ability to speak the language.

I decided to set up a club because I wanted to establish a place for anyone who is interested in Spanish and Spanish speaking countries, to allow them to learn about the rich culture and interesting history behind these countries. I think Spanish is important for the future because not only is it the second most widely spoken language in the world, but the Spanish speaking world influences almost everything around us; our food, our music and even our clothing.

Learning languages is important for everyone because it allows us to communicate with other people around the world and share our experiences, so I want to give the students the joy of communication by helping them to learn Spanish.

I started learning Spanish in Year 8, and I loved it so much that I took it as a GCSE and A-Level subject. I wish to continue learning Spainish in the future and hopefully I will be able to visit Spain or South America one day and be able to communicate with people in fluent Spanish.

Written by Ezi, Year 12


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