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March 10th 2017

Year 3 'Ages of Man' workshop

On Friday 24th February, Year 3 participated in an exciting and educational workshop as part of their Humanities topic, ‘The Stone Age to The Iron Age’.

Entering the classroom, the girls found a huge timeline had been set up to show how many years has passed since the start of the Palaeolithic period. They began to imagine what life was like as nomadic hunter-gatherers 200,000 years ago. The girls enjoyed pretending to hunt and kill a mammoth and drag it back to their cave! Mia and Betty felt that they would have enjoyed Early Stone Age life as they thought it would be "easy and peaceful".

Moving on to Mesolithic and Neolithic times, the girls grouped together to present freeze-frames to show how life had advanced. Shreya, Alice, Elsa and Sophia role-played being Middle Stone Age farmers planting crops. Natasha, Millie, Annabel and Jemima showed us how people worked together to build homes.

Samayra told us how she would have loved to live during this time as she thought it would be "really interesting, especially building Stonehenge."

On visiting the Bronze Age, Alannah explained that she thought Stonehenge was built as a place for people to celebrate the summer and winter solstices, but how did the people move the huge stones? Charlotte offered a great solution: ‘’They levered the stones up by putting wooden planks underneath and then pushed hard to get them to stand upright.’’

Finally, the girls entered the Iron Age and became Celtic warriors, imagining they were covered in blue and scaring invaders. Ella thought she would be a successful warrior as she "is strong."

All in all, it was a wonderful workshop and the girls enjoyed fully immersing themselves in prehistoric life.

Mrs Wilmot
Year 3 teacher 

‘’I would like to live during the Bronze Age because you get to farm and don’t have to run around and hunt like Stone Age people.’’ Melis


‘’I would like to live in the Iron Age because the people were more advanced in their learning.’’ Maya


‘’I would like to have fought the Romans when they invaded.’’ Elsa


‘’It was really exciting. It was fun to do but we also learnt new information.’’ Katie


‘’It was fun travelling back in time and finding out some exciting facts.’’ Cordelia


‘’I found it interesting learning that people used to trade things during the Iron Age, such as a fur coat for a pair of leather shoes.’’ Shreya


‘’I would like to live in the Stone Age because you could make your tools out of stone which would be easier than using different materials.’’ Cecilia


‘’I would enjoy making stone tools and using them to hunt.’’ Lilly


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