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March 26

Here we are: notes for living on planet Earth - Year 1 assembly

Year 1, in their exploration of the seven continents of the world and after reading Oliver Jeffers book ‘Here we are’, found many ways for us to be more environmentally aware.

If we want to be able to continue to explore the world in the future we need to care for the world as we do for each other. The Year 1 girls sang songs about how they could travel to school, if their journey is short, to help prevent pollution from cars. They sang about what we can do at home, ‘dress hot, if you are feeling cool’, ‘turn out the lights, if you leave a room’, ‘if the weather’s hot – use the line’ and ‘keep the heat and shut the door’ so that we use less electricity. The girls showed that we can recycle plastics, paper and cans so that these do not end up in land-fill sites.

To finish, Year 1 asked everyone to join them in spreading the word about stopping pollution and to join them in doing their best to help, saying ‘we’re in it together’!


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