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March 14th 2019

Women in Leadership 2019: Inspiring our girls to become future leaders

On Tuesday 5 March 2019, our Sixth Formers hosted the Women in Leadership event, specifically designed to promote and develop the skills necessary for young women to access leadership roles. 

As an all girls Sixth Form, we strongly believe in empowering young women with the skills they need to be leaders.

The day included a selection of break-out sessions led by the visiting speakers, where the students were able to focus on specific areas/specialisms, ask questions and develop their confidence whilst improving their knowledge and understanding of what it takes to become an effective leader in the 21st century. 

Our speakers included a journalist, a former editor and director of a charity, a former reality TV star who is currently blazing a trail for feminism and humanitarianism, a novelist, a businesswoman and leader of an award-winning PR company, a communications-skills expert, a director of an investment management company, the London Ambassador for the English Speaking Union and the Head of Digital Empowerment at Deloitte UK.

You can read feedback from our speakers and visitors below, you can also ready more about our event on the GDST website.

A huge thank you to the staff and Sixth Formers for their help in making this day as successful as it was.


It was great. I loved the second breakout session in particular as l had a wonderful bunch of students and knew by then how much I could comfortably cover in the time; I enjoyed the whole thing. You did a fabulous job organising it.
Jackie Cobain – London Ambassador – English Speaking Union

Thank you for inviting me to join your first ever Women in Leadership event. I really enjoyed spending my day with Blackheath High School and your students are all amazing! I still remember one of your students asked me a question about the gender quota in the boardroom. What a brilliant question, I’m impressed! Luckily it was my research area, so I could answer it. Otherwise, I wouldn’t know where to hide for not knowing the answer ;p Please see the attached photos from my phone/camera and I am looking forward to seeing the official photos from your side. Happy International Women’s Day to you!
Ajlaa Mokhtar – Lecturer in Human Resource Management

It was just great to be part of such a successful day. BIG BIG congratulations to you for a triumph - and I’m really glad the girls appreciated it so much.
Candida Hunt – Founder of HENRY

It was a lovely day - I really enjoyed it, you brought together some great people and I loved meeting so many of the girls. Maddy and Liv stood out to me. Well done!
Sarah Wrixon – Founder, Salix & Co. 

Well done on putting together such a successful event at Blackheath yesterday.  I personally learnt a lot, and will be paying it forward and sharing quotes and ideas with more students
Karen Kimaru – Trust Office

Thanks so much. I really enjoyed the day- well done you for organising all that!
Stephanie Theobald – Journalist, Broadcast, Author

Well done you on organising a fabulous day. I really enjoyed it. Met some very promising girls too. The other leadership people were great too. Pat on back. I hope they appreciate you there.
Ailsa Weymes-McElderry – Deparmtent for Transport

Camilla had a great time and glad it went well.
Jadeen (on behalf of Camilla Thurlow – John Noel Management)

Well done on today - what an achievement to pull together.  Realised you thanked everyone and I didn’t thank you.  You smashed it!  Awesome job. I think today really made a difference :)
Catherine Stewart – Head of digital empowerment, Deloitte UK

It was a pleasure, and I’m glad that the girls enjoyed it.
Zoe King – Smith and Williamson Investment Management

I wanted to email you to thank you sincerely for a brilliant day that was both personally and professionally extremely valuable! I spoke to quite a few students too and it was so apparent how much they got out of the day. I understand Nicola is going to write a story for the GDST website about the event, and we will do our best to make sure all schools are at least aware of what they missed! Thank you again for the invitation and huge congratulations on such a successful day.
Isabel Rughani – Trust Office

So brilliant for the girls to have such an inspiring day and to learn from some excellent speakers.
Nicole Ranson – Trust Office


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