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February 5th 2019

Year 7 visit China Town and the British Museum

On Thursday the 24th of January 2019, the Year 7 Mandarin class went on a trip to the British Museum and China Town. We went to the train station at 9:00am, where we all waited for a while for the train to come. Once it arrived we boarded and journeyed on to the British Museum.

The British Museum was probably one of the most fascinating trips we’d ever been on. As soon as we walked in we went straight down to the student’s area to have a bite to eat. After we all had a little recovery from walking so much, we went to the ‘Ancient Asia’ section. The museum was kind enough to let us use their iPads so we could play a game. In this game, we had to find lots of different artefacts throughout the exhibition. We all enjoyed it very much.

After we finished the little hunting game, we went to another Ancient Artefacts area. In this area, we sketched out our favourite artefact. Mine was an old-fashioned teapot which was very detailed and beautiful.

Before heading to China Town, we visited an all you can eat buffet where we tasted a vast range of food that originated from China, for example egg fried rice and noodles. It all tasted really good and even lead to some of us getting seconds and thirds! We were seated around two tables and were free to visit upstairs for more food whenever we wanted.

From there we walked down a few streets to China Town, where we were able to roam in small groups for around twenty minutes. In this allocated time a large majority of us managed to seek each and every sweet shop we could find and ended up coming home with bags of Chinese sweets, chocolate and drinks. It was really quite enjoyable as we were trusted to wander around a phenomenal place brimming with red colour, Chinese lanterns and a (what seemed to be) infinitive number of shops.

All in all, it was a fantastic day and we all felt great enjoyment in each and every activity we took part in. It will be an exceptional day to look back on. 


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