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February 5

60 seconds with Ms Rehman, Head of Year 8, teacher of RS and History

A new member of our teaching staff Ms Rehman tells us about her love of reading and how she implements support for our girls when it's needed.

Tell us about yourself. What is your role? What does your job involve?

To ensure the wellbeing of students and to provide effective communication with the families of students. To promote a high standard of work ethic, behaviour and performance so that students can achieve the best out of their academic endeavours. My job involves tons of conversation and motivation. It also involves empathy and a listening ear each time there is a stressful situation!

How long have you worked here? Tell us about your career path.

I have worked here a term and a half.

How does your previous experience benefit the school?

I think having high standards benefits students and the school; it acts as motivation for students to do as well as they can academically, but also gives me the space to implement support where needed. This doesn’t allow the standard to drop, but enables the student to attempt things first, before seeking help and provision.

What do you like most about your job?

The thank you that I get from students at the end of each lesson (cheesy, but true).

What makes working here at Blackheath High School so rewarding and enjoyable?

The staff cultivate a supportive and compassionate environment, so you are made to feel welcome. The students are exceptionally driven to succeed and they make the most of the opportunities they get given.

What has been your biggest achievement at Blackheath High School?

Abseiling at Go Ape!

What has been your biggest challenge at Blackheath High School?

To learn everybody’s names!

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

Cliché, but reading (preferably in different locations of the world)!

Tell us something surprising about yourself

I am a vintage boutique genius!


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