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December 14th 2018

The Performing Arts Society at Blackheath High School

This term during Performing Arts Society, we gave the students a long-term project to work on.

This meant that they were able to develop their ideas each week. We feel that it is important for anyone that comes to Performing Arts Society to understand that we don’t only focus on acting or singing, but all elements of the performing industry; on stage and off stage.

The project we gave the students was to plan and devise a short piece of theatre around a brief. We gave them complete freedom to create a play, in which they could focus on whichever elements they wanted, meaning that if they didn't want to, they would not be forced to perform. This meant that they had the opportunity to explore aspects such as lighting, sound and set. The title of the brief was ‘Delve into the Unknown’, inspired from this year’s Edinburgh Fringe Festival. We did this because this festival is one of the best examples of somewhere in which there is theatre for everyone, and you are not limited to one specific genre. By doing this, the Performing Arts Society members have the opportunity to receive more of a well-rounded approach and understanding of the world of theatre.

We feel that Performing Arts Society is beneficial to the students because it is not limited to only actors. We have showed the members that we are very flexible with what they want to learn, and that if acting is not their strength then there are many other opportunities for them.

One of our current students does not enjoy performing, however is very passionate about art, therefore we suggested that she could focus on set design and costume design. We also showed her the transformation of the Playhouse Theatre for the production of ‘The Jungle’ for inspiration. This gives the opportunity to learn about the industry, whilst still having the freedom to have a choice in what they focus on.

Next term we hope to complete this project and host some external speakers for various workshops. If anyone is interested in joining the Performing Arts Society do get in touch.

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Written by Lacey and Abbie


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