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November 29th 2018

Spotlight on Creative Curriculum

Mrs Karakosta tells us all about the Creative Curriculum in Yr 2 and how the girls get immersed and inspired for the future.

How long have you been teaching Creative Curriculum at Blackheath High School?

In Year 2, the girls follow a Creative Curriculum to enrich their primary school education that focus on a central topic or theme. This term our theme is titled ‘Deep Down Under’. The girls have been learning all about the seas and oceans of the world, as well as the many creatures that live in it! All our subject areas such as Science, Geography and History will centre on our topic. 

Can you tell us about your background?

I have been working at Blackheath High School as a Year 2 teacher for 5 wonderful years! I am originally from South Africa but have lived in the UK for almost 15 years. 

What is covered in the Creative Curriculum? What are your students working on at the moment?

The girls thoroughly enjoy the Creative Curriculum as they delve into interesting topics that they can immerse themselves into. This term we have been learning about the sinking of the Titanic and Grace Darling as our significant historical figure and female heroine! The Spring term will centre on our topic, ‘Africa’, where the girls learn about many African animals and their habitats as well as adaptation. The girls enjoy learning about the life of Nelson Mandela and his contribution to freedom and democracy. In our final term, our topic is called ‘Fire Fire!’ The girls learn all about the Great fire of London in 1666 as well as the story of Pompeii and the volcanic eruption of Mount Vesuvius.  

Is it a popular choice of subject? 

Our girls thoroughly enjoy their learning in Year 2, which gives them the opportunity to experience the curriculum through drama, story writing, mini projects and investigations.

What are the benefits of studying this subject? 

The Creative Curriculum provides a broader framework for learning, but also links up topics and subjects meaningfully. It allows us to teach the girls topics that interest them, providing a more enriching learning journey.

Is there a particular aspect of the course that students tend to enjoy?

The stories of long ago, the world around us and of course, the many exciting day trips out!


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