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November 27th 2018

Certificates from the Duke of York

The Duke of York Digital Enterprise Award (iDEA) is an international programme aiming to help address the digital skills gap. The programme provides digital skills education in the form of engaging online modules (badges) and helps to inspire people all over the world to become Digital Citizens, Workers, Makers, Entrepreneurs and Gamers to enhance their employability; and to help them become economically active.

The team at Buckingham Palace provides resources that help Miss Dickinson as the organiser, by providing data and analytics about students’ progress.

A class of Year 12 students in our Sixth Form are well on the way to achieving the Silver award and three Year 13 students received their Silver award certificates in an envelope with a Buckingham Palace postmarks and a Compliments slip from HRH The Duke of York. They have much to be proud of.

The Gold award will be available to achieve from next year so our students will aim for this in 2019.


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