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November 15th 2018

Duke of Edinburgh's Award 2018

On the weekend of the 26th October, 34 Year 11's set out for their silver Duke of Edinburgh near Bewl Water.


When we arrived at the start point we were ready to camp for two nights and walk 24 kms. The scenery of Cranbrook was amazing. We saw lots of wildlife, like deers, and we even walked through Bodiam Castle! When we arrived at our first campsite, we had to put up our tents quickly as the sun was setting therefore we were making pasta in the dark! As the second day arose, groups set out for the final day of walking very early. The temperature was only 1 degree celsius! However the golden sunrise really made up for the cold.

The route on the second day was the hardest as the second campsite was so far, on the other side of the map! This made finding the footpaths hard, but the achievements in the end were really rewarding. The final night was the hardest of all as it rained heavily making it impossible to sleep. Overall the experience was very enjoyable!

Written by Jasmine, Year 11

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