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November 15th 2018

Chance and Probability: GDST Junior Maths Conference

At the end of last half term I was lucky enough to attend the GDST Junior Maths Conference at the Oxford Maths Institute on 3rd October with six wonderful Year 6 mathematicians.

The theme this year was ‘Chance and Probability’ and after a greeting from Will Wareing and then a thrilling, paper throwing lecture from Mr Tiley-Nunn the girls and the teachers tackled the first challenging activity – Fair Dice! We worked in mixed school groups and so we met many people from other schools. This was a highlight as you will note from the girls’ comments below. After lunch and a tour of the amazing Maths Institute we embarked on a furious paced, brain busting quiz, again in our mixed-school groups. We really had a wonderful time and we got an opportunity to join in a question and answer session with two A-level Maths students from Oxford High School. They talked about their love and passion for Maths.

On our way back to get the train, then the tube and then another train to Blackheath, we popped in for a quick visit to Worcester College and explored the grounds. We had a wonderful day!

It was amazing. It was great to join and meet other schools.” Emily (Year 6)

It was a wonderful experience. It was nice to see other pupils from other GDST schools and their attitude towards Maths. It was nice to be teamed up with different schools.” Diya (Year 6)

It was such a great experience and we met lots of great mathematicians (we also got yummy GDST chocolate)!” Hettie (Year 6)

It was amazing! We got to do things with girls from other schools and we got chocolate!” Ceri (Year 6)

Today we all had loads of fun working with the other schools in our groups, they helped us to work out the answers to the challenging questions. Writing on the windows and tables was really fun but the GDST chocolate was near the top of my list!” Izzy (Year 6)

I had loads of fun today. We were sorted into groups with two other schools in our group. The girls in my group were really nice. I was with Hettie and three other girls from two different schools. We didn’t get to finish the quiz that we had to do but l think we tried our best and I’m sure we got a really good score. The building is really cool too. There is a big ceiling that looks a bit like a crystal and a really nice hall with loads of chairs and a long table. That’s where we did our test. I really wish I could come again as it was such a good experience.” Emma (Year 6)

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