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October 12th 2018

Thorpe Park Thrills!

On Sunday 30th September, as part of Computer Science studies, 43 pupils from Year 9, 10 and Sixth Form travelled by coach to Thorpe Park for the day to see how innovative technologies such as virtual reality are being used in theme parks today. A lot of fun was had by all. Here’s a report from student Sienna.

We arrived early and were on our first ride by 10.15am. The park was not too busy, so it meant we were able to get on a lot of rides, which was great.

Our first ride was Saw, which was so scary. The ride is a horror movie rollercoaster which starts in the dark before climbing to 100m and then dropping vertically. We all screamed the whole way around but loved the experience.

We went on loads more rides including Nemesis Inferno, Swarm and Colossus. All of them were amazing roller coasters which were exhilarating. We also got soaked on the Tidal Wave water ride. Ezi managed to win the biggest prize on a stall where you had to try and throw a ball into a bottle – a massive character with funny eyes. She had to carry it round the whole day!

We left the biggest ride to the end – Stealth! As we got closer to the front of the queue we could feel the speed of the ride as it took off. A few minutes later and we were experiencing it ourselves. It accelerated from 0-80 in under 2 seconds and then launched us up a 205ft loop. As you reached the top it started to drop it felt like you were free falling. The ride comes to a halt and you can hardly breathe. Definitely our favourite ride of the day!

It was then time to meet Mr Nott, Mrs Dickinson and Mrs Morgan-Elphick at the entrance and return back to school. We had a brilliant time and were all so glad to have enjoyed such an exciting Sunday together!

Written by Sienna, Year 12

Written by Sienna, Year 12

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