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October 12th 2018

Congratulations Emmy! GDST Somerville and Gurney School Awards

A huge congratulations to Emmy from Year 12, who received the Highly Commended prize in the GDST Somerville and Gurney School Awards.

Competing with girls from schools across the network of 25 GDST schools, Emmy wrote two brilliant essays answering the following questions, that won her the worthy award:

Is it fair to characterise today’s young adults as ‘snowflakes’, prone to taking offense and less resilient than previous generations?

Past societies may be judged very harshly by our own standards. What aspects of twenty-first century society are likely to dismay future generations?

The examination papers for the Somerville and Gurney awards were marked and awarded by the GDST Council.

This is a great achievement for Emmy and we couldn't be more proud of her here at the school. Well done Emmy!

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