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September 21st 2018

Introducing our new Head Girl Team Blog: A new term and a new building

Once again, it is that time of year. Autumn is coming, the temperature is dropping, and the familiar sea of navy blue uniform engulfs the corridors once more: school has finally begun. Except this September is slightly different, namely because it is the last one I’ll be spending at school.

Having finally reached Year 13, it feels as if I have come full circle.  As Head Girl of Blackheath High School it is a privilege to be part of the first generation of the school’s students to enjoy our newly renovated senior school building. The atmosphere is one of great excitement. After long awaited anticipation we are finally growing accustomed to our incredible facilities. I have the same feeling of curiosity that I felt as a Year 7, as if I were re-discovering this school for the first time. With our stunning courtyard and large library, our whole school experience has changed for the better.

The fresh environment is stimulating and we look forward to future art exhibitions, music performances and much more. Despite facing the most challenging year ahead of me - consisting of university applications and A-levels- I am sure that the coming academic year will be the best one so far. As part of the Sixth Form I have reached the top of school and I therefore hope to be the best possible role model to my peers in the next few terms.

-Hana, Year 13

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