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July 4

The challenge of Maths in Motion

Formula 1 Club uses software from the Maths In Motion Challenge, which is used in schools across this country and 13 other countries globally. It is open to girls in Years 5 and 6, and is a great way of getting pupils interested in the practical application of Maths, as well as its links with Science and Engineering in an exciting, competitive project.

The challenge involves students working together in small teams that set up virtual racing cars. They compete against each other in a series of Grand Prix type races throughout the year in the hope of becoming world champions. This activity involves a wide range of basic mathematical skills (some practical) being used and applied.

Thalia and Ellie (Year 6) said: “Formula 1 is a great club as it us to extend our learning in Maths. My favourite aspect of the club is when we get to watch the races. This is good as it shows us how we can do better in our next race and get a lower time (without our car exploding). Years 5 and 6 get into teams of three to four and work together to compete against other teams nationally and in school (although both are very competitive). We like it because it makes Maths even more fun and exciting. Although it can be quite difficult to improve your time without crashing!"


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