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June 13th 2018

Hunting for mummies at The British Museum

Read about Year 3's latest trip. Why not find out more about what it's like to study at our private primary school in London?

On Monday 4 June, all the girls from Year 3 went by coach to The British Museum. Even the journey was quite exciting, passing so many of London’s landmarks along the way. We spotted Tower Bridge, The Shard, the London Eye and many bustling streets full of people rushing about.

The girls have been learning about the Ancient Egyptians so were looking forward to the visit. Once we arrived and took in the beauty of the museum building, we were off in our groups looking around. The children were most excited about seeing the mummies and were very surprised to see mummified cats! Another highlight was finding the real Rosetta Stone in the museum as this was something the girls had learnt about in school. 

After lunch, we had a very interactive workshop using i-pads and tablets. We learnt about the life of Nuebumum, an Egyptian scribe through paintings. Then, using a tablet we created our own. It really was a fascinating and interactive first day back at school. 


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