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May 23rd 2018

Learning from Women of the Future

Here from Alice, part of our girls' Sixth Form, on the 'Women of the Future' event.


It was a great privilege to represent Blackheath High School at the recent ‘Women of the Future event’ alongside 100 ambassadors and 100 students. The event was held at the new American embassy and saw three speakers from different backgrounds aiming to portray ‘The Power of Kindness’ theme. Jackie Scully, Deputy Managing Director at Think, was by far the most memorable. I found her story inspiring on so many levels and her determination and passion really showed through, evident in the following quote, “When currency is kindness, we are all millionaires”.

I really enjoyed networking with the wide range of ambassadors and inspiring women working in the charity and public sectors, including the CEO of Clear Sky Children’s Charity. I also had the privilege of meeting GB rower Emily Craig. Having recently taken up rowing myself, her genuine passion for the sport resonated with me. Similarly, my conversation with a clinical psychologist helped me to explore an area of work I might be interested in in the future.

The event opened my mind to the wide range of career paths. As an A-Level student, I was unsure exactly where my future may lead but I am now considering internships with Lloyds Banking Group and opportunities in the area of psychology, all thanks to this incredibly inspiring evening.

Written by Alice, Year 12


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