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May 23rd 2018

Art, a first taste of Senior School and Trips Day antics

There has been lots in the press in the past couple of weeks about the importance of not viewing STEM subjects in isolation. We have long been advocates of cross-curricular work at school as we know that schools are quite unusual in their desire to box knowledge and skills in ‘subjects’. The world of work does not fit with a rigid school model. 

With our fantastic STEAM week still at the back of my mind, I was delighted to see more evidence of the girls making links between their subjects at the Junior art exhibition last week, with its distinctly mathematical flavour. I loved the mixture of identifying the mathematical beauty that we see in nature with the precision of translating a creative interpretation of architecture into a precise 3D model of a house. It was obvious that the girls derived huge enjoyment from the projects and I am very grateful to their teachers for their innovative ideas and support of the girls.

At Senior School, we were delighted to welcome Year 4 for their very first taste of Senior School life. Chatting to the girls, I am not sure which they enjoyed more: the picnic lunch and breaktime cookies or the exciting lesson activities. Our penultimate Trips Day of the year saw girls involved in activities as diverse as Year 7 learning about kissing prairie dogs, Year 9 walking and camping for their Duke of Edinburgh's Award and Sixth Form on a cultural trail in London. Again, a really fabulous array of opportunities to extend what the girls have been learning beyond the classroom.

As we move towards half term, I wish you a restful week and for the girls preparing for exams, I hope all is calm and well organised. We have a great deal to look forward to in the second half of term from sports days to concerts and awards events.


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