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May 9th 2018

Hydrology, geology and personalised T-shirts for Year 12

In order to collect data for our Sixth Form A-Level geography coursework, the Year 12 geographers (complete with personalised T-shirts!) embarked on a trip to Swanage in Dorset. We undertook a variety of investigations in different locations in the area, and learned new geographical skills in both hydrology and geology such as cliff stability assessments and beach profiling.

While on the trip, we also visited the beautiful Durdle Door and the famous Chesil beach, (a sight of scientific interest) which both feature in our A-Level textbook, and gained a better understanding of the processes which formed them. Despite the occasional inclement weather, and a very cold, misty day on the beach at Lulworth Cove (including brave ventures into the sea with waterproof trousers by Olivia), we all had a wonderful time and greatly enjoyed seeing the pictures from our textbook in real life.

Written by Emerald, Year 13

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