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March 7

Juniors get their skates on

Girls at Junior School have the opportunity to join the off-ice skating club on a Wednesday after school. This is a popular club which provides the experience of ice skating without the ice! Girls are taught the fundamental skills of skating by qualified instructors. Off-ice skates are provided that replicate the workings of conventional ice skates and girls work though the Rainbow Education Programme using colour co-ordinated boot covers that ensure quick progression.

Speaking with some Year 2 girls after their session to ask them what they thought, Avni said: “Once you get your skates tied up you can skate and have fun!”. Lana stated, “We have races and they’re good fun!”. Elodie added that she likes to glide on her skates and Phoebe said: “It is really fun and I like getting help from the teacher!”. 


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