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March 7th 2018

Exploring the art of creative writing

At Creative Writing Society, we aim to help students explore their creative side as well as improve their confidence in writing. Each week we do a different activity, from writing poems to short stories in a range of genres. At the end of the session, everyone is given the chance to share their work. The girls really enjoy it, as they get to hear feedback but also take inspiration from each other.

On 27 February Holly Smale, author of the ‘Geek Girl’ series, came in to do a creative writing workshop with the members of the society. She was very inspiring and encouraging, teaching all of us there that we should never give up, no matter what problems we face. She also gave us some great tips for outlining the plot of a story. At the moment the society is working on a group project, coming together to write one big story. We will definitely be applying these tips in later sessions, so at the end a great piece of work is produced.

The girls at Creative Writing Society are all very talented, and each week it is lovely to hear what they have written. Every member has their own style, so it is always exciting to hear the different ways each of them tackles a task, taking their own creative spin on the ideas put before them. We are always looking forward to hearing what they come up with next!

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Written by Jessamy, Year 13


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