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March 7th 2018

Nerves and excitement for Chinese New Year

Read this account of Chinese New Year assembly from Faith and Soraya in year 7.


Although we did not have a lot of time to practice for our assembly, we definitely did well. It started when our amazing teacher Mrs Chung told us that we had a New Year Assembly. Some of us were really excited about it but we were a bit nervous as we do not like performing in front of people. Everything got written down (what people were doing and the costumes) then we assigned people to start on the different things that needed to be made from the dragon head to the red envelope.

Once we had made everything, we were able to start practising our presentation in the Theatre or in our classroom if the Theatre was not available. We had prepared a presentation, a song, a tongue twister and a piece of role play about why Chinese New Year is always red and uses fire crackers.

Eventually, the day came when we had to perform to the entire school. We were so nervous about everything - if we would remember what to do, if we would stumble or fall, if we would forget the words to our song or tongue twister, even getting our costume. Afterwards, we felt so relieved and proud of ourselves for doing it. We both wanted to do it again - it felt really good being on the stage performing! 

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