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February 21st 2018

Snow bound trips, high fashion and public speaking

Fresh from February half-term, it has been wonderful hearing all about the girls’ different adventures. From snowbound geographical adventures to glorious sunshine on the ski-slopes of Switzerland, there certainly seem to have been lots of unforgettable experiences. I am extremely grateful to our staff for organising and leading both of these fabulous trips, and also to the girls for being such great ambassadors for the school and a pleasure to travel with.

Before half term, many of us at Blackheath High School were fortunate to enjoy an event that really is the epitome of Blackheath spirit; the annual Fashion Show. Creativity and courage were evident in abundance and students from Year 7 all the way through to Year 13 were involved in modelling, designing, running tech. or performing. There were some stunning collections in evidence and, as ever, it was an event that made me very proud of the individuality and spirit of our girls. Again, my thanks to Mrs Gilbert and her team for all their support of the girls involved.

Our annual Greenman public speaking competition was also a real treat. Judged by Will Wareing, Deputy Director of Innovation and Learning at the Girls' Day School Trust (GDST), a student delivered a persuasive speech to all their peers on a whole range of topics from: ‘ignorance is bliss’ to ‘veganism’. A particular highlight was seeing our Year 6 students wow the audience of older students with their poise and presence.

It has been a busy week for Years 5 and 6 with trips into London and the Prospective Senior Pupils' Afternoon. Alongside students joining us from other junior schools, Year 6 enjoyed lessons in Politics, Design, Music and Physics which combined; Newton; haunted houses; laser cutting and current affairs! 

Work proceeds apace on the re-development at Seniors and this week saw the waterproofing on the roof that links Westcombe House to the new East block; not glamorous, but an important milestone. If you walk down Mycenae Road, you can now see the exterior of the new East Block as everything begins to take shape. As we move fast through 2018, we are busy planning the intricacies of building old and new buildings, and decanting and removing temporary classrooms ready for the end of the summer. All is progressing well and we will keep you and the girls updated on progress throughout the year.


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