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February 21

Wollstonecraft and the Humanitarian Aid Relief Trust

“HART is not just ‘another aid organisation’. We are distinctive in that we combine aid with advocacy, working for people's suffering from oppression, exploitation and persecution who are generally not served by major aid organisations and are off the radar of international media” Baroness Caroline Cox, Founder

Thank you to Jenny Raw, Girls' Day School Trust (GDST) alumna, who delivered an inspiring Wollstonecraft lecture on the Humanitarian Aid Relief Trust (HART). Jenny is currently working as an intern at HART during her gap year before going to read History and Politics at Cambridge University.

Our Sixth Form learned about what makes HART unique as an aid organisation, Jenny's work with the charity, and how her experience has contrasted with Year 13 and studying for A-levels. She also spoke about the HART Prize for Human Rights, a competition for young people who are interested in global issues. The aim is to raise awareness of conflict, poverty and human rights abuses amongst young people in the UK, particularly situations which are underrepresented in mainstream media. Students are encouraged to examine and engage critically with human rights issues by conducting independent research, and producing written or creative pieces. To find out more, please visit the HART website

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