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December 18th 2017

Spotlight on Sport

From hockey to cross country and orienteering, Blackheath High girls are spoilt for choice when it comes to Sport. Miss H Morrell, Director of Sport, tells us more.

What is covered in Sport?

We do almost everything! During Games afternoons, this includes hockey, netball, cross country, swimming, orienteering, athletics, rounders and cricket. Senior school also get to do rowing, dance, hockey and netball. In actual PE lessons, the girls do gymnastics, health related exercise, indoor athletics, basketball, volleyball, striking and fielding, and invasion games.

Years 7-11 do a lot more (a minimum three hours a week) but there are clubs every day (including football, dance, basketball, hockey, netball and handball). There is something on every day that the girls can go to.

Years 10 and 11 choose from options (tag rugby, football, trampolining, fitness suite and badminton) on top of the Junior games choices. In addition to this, there is after school training or a fixture every week for each year group!

Is it a popular subject?

It has definitely grown in popularity over the last couple of years. The number of fixtures and clubs, and people attending them has grown. Although it is a compulsory subject, the girls certainly seem to enjoy PE and games lessons, and want to take part. They enjoy the variety and it does bring out a different side to the girls - we see a side to them that you would not necessarily see elsewhere!

Sport is a nice release for the girls, they can be louder and can identify good skills such as leadership and teamwork. We also help them figure out a hobby or sport that they can get truly passionate about and take forward for the rest of their lives. A key part of our role is teaching about why they should be doing sport and exercise for life, not just at school.

What are the benefits of studying Sport?

There are obvious health benefits. Being healthy is good for our mental and social well-being, and can help address a number of issues. Sport can be about how we interact with each other, working on fitness or relaxation.

Through sport, we identify talents that the girls may not realise that they have, and help them go into sports related careers. We cover a lot of human biology and anatomy so this could include physiotherapy as well as teaching or participating.

What are the benefits of studying Sport at Blackheath High?

Our teachers are experts in their own field and are so enthusiastic, they genuinely love the subject. There are also a huge number of opportunities at Blackheath High. We have a large variety of sports and clubs on offer and put on a number of different fixtures. We are also part of the Girls’ Day School Trust (GDST) which means that we enter all the GDST rallies and attend residentials. Most recently, six of our girls went to a Day of Dance at the Pineapple Dance Studios. They participated in a series of workshops and performed a piece that they put together in contemporary dance club in front of other GDST schools.

Being part of the wider GDST community is special. We hosted the Southern Rally for the GDST this year and participated in fun sports such as dodgeball, which you do not get to do in many schools outside of the GDST.

Is there a particular aspect of the course that students tend to enjoy?

All of the girls love House events, matches and competitions. The House spirit comes out in any House competition that we do whether it is netball, hockey, athletics, sports day or the mini marathon.

The great thing about sports is that it is so varied. Anyone can do it, you just need to find the right sport.

Blackheath High School is a London all girls school in Greenwich. Explore our website to learn more.

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