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November 29th 2017

The Maths of juggling and the mould effect

On Wednesday 22 November, members of our independent Sixth Form visited a series of Maths lectures on interesting and unusual topics, such as the Maths of juggling. We particularly enjoyed the lecture held by Mr Mould, in which he explored and explained the Mould effect. This was inspiring, as not only was the topic very interesting, but it was also incredible to meet someone who had discovered a previously unknown area of Maths and Physics.

Jen Rogers, a Medical Statistician, talked in depth about probability and corruption within well known transnational corporations, using participation to engage the audience in a large scale card game. 

We felt very inspired by these lecturers as they employed audience participation throughout the show such as asking members of the audience to use their calculators to test their theories. We were also given the chance to ask them any questions we had and learn about their topics in more depth.

Overall, we really enjoyed exploring new areas of Maths that we would not have otherwise learned about. 

Written by Eve and Epiphany

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