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November 29th 2017

Awareness raising for anti-bullying week

To raise awareness of anti-bullying week (13th – 17th November), the Peer Mentors ran a competition for the development of an anti-bullying poster. From all the entrants, we chose Lovera's poster (Year 7) for its originality and simplistic message, the time it must have taken to produce and the fact that it was handwritten. Well done Lovera!

Being bullied can often make people feel like they are alone, when in reality there are so many people that want to help. Blackheath High School takes bullying seriously, and staff and the Peer Mentor team are always there to listen. Although it might be scary at first, they can help and make a difference. 


Blackheath High School is an independent girls school in London, teaching nursery to Sixth Form aged pupils.

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