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November 15th 2017

Year 6 and 9 build a school!

To celebrate Architecture Day at Blackheath High and inspire the next generation of designers, Year 6 and 9 designed and built a scale model of a school.

Led by the Head of Design Technology and ex-GDST students who are now designers, 34 teams of students came up with a design brief and specification to design everything from a garden space to a Maths zone, and a toilet block and Blue Sky area. Each brief had specification points and the professional designers oversaw the build to ensure the girls hit these parameters. Our girls had to consider environmental impact, have evidence of branding, ensure a stimulating learning environment and use ‘smart’ materials where appropriate. 

Mr Masters, Head of Design Technology, said: “Architecture Day is the design process in a day-sized nutshell. The emphasis was on risk taking, creative thinking, communication and appropriate rule bending. At the end of the day, parents were invited to watch the chaos clear and a fascinating and exciting design arise from the carnage!”

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