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November 15th 2017

Organising a zoo for Maths morning

Maths puzzles, word problems – even organising a zoo? Maths morning was an amazing experience that we will certainly never forget!

All of this excitement happened on 9 November with a number of other schools including John Ball, St Olave's, Brindishe Manor, Brindishe Lee and Brindishe Green. There were individual tables with a mixture of Year 5s from our Junior school and the other participating schools, and Year 7. Year 11 were also there to lend a helping hand.

We all participated in five different activities. The first activity was a small warm-up to bond with other students - investigating the number clues to reveal the missing digits. Next, we had various Maths problems that involved a lot of thought but our favourite task was using logic and hints on how to organise a zoo. This showed us how to use logic in unusual situations which you may come across later in life.

Towards the end, the results were posted and the winning team received a prize, although all participants were given a small prize. The winning team were Amy (Year 7), Amelia (Year 7), Isabella (Year 7), Kunain (Year 5), Winnie (Year 5), May-Ling (Brindishe Green), Sadie (Year 11) and Ava (Year 11). Overall, we wanted to say well done to everyone who contributed!

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