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November 15th 2017

Learning about sustainability at Bore Place

On Thursday 9 November, Year 8 went on an adventurous and thoroughly educational expedition to Bore Place farm to learn about sustainability. We learned all about how to keep an organic farm such as Bore Place sustainable and in business. We walked around the cow pats and learned how to milk cows, grow fruit in the winter and learned about good substitutes for crops that can’t survive in the soggy English climate.

This trip was enlightening and helped us to understand how to reuse certain products in simple ways; how to keep our environment friendly and how to do our best to prevent climate change. We also learned how to cook with the illusionist crop, corn. We learned that this crop can be used and turned into many different and equally useful foods: cornflour, corn oil, sweet corn, corn on the cob, and our personal favourite, popcorn! We cooked up some savoury muffins from cornflour and some sweetcorn. They came out steaming and definitely picture perfect. We really enjoyed visiting Bore Place with all its crops, animals and muffins, and we think that other years will do to.

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