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October 18

What's under your Feet?

For the third year running, Eco Club took part in the ‘What’s under your Feet?’ project to help scientists at the British Trust for Ornithology (BTO).

Historical data from the BTO shows that many of our UK bird species are in serious decline and our budding Blackheath High scientists are helping the BTO understand the relationship between climate, the availability of soil invertebrates and bird population and migration patterns. The more scientists can find out about what’s causing this decline, the better conservation efforts to protect them will be. 

As part of the ‘What’s under your Feet’ project, Eco Club surveyed birds in the school grounds and sampled and identified soil invertebrates from several areas. All of the data collected will be sent back to the BTO and ultimately published in the scientific press. 

All the schools that have taken part will be credited and there’s even a chance to win a visit to meet TV wildlife presenter Chris Packham – we’re keeping our fingers crossed!

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