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A quick fire workout to get you through to the weekend


We hope our Year 7 of 2020 are as excited to start as we are to welcome them ☺️


Welcome back Year 3!


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Blast your way through the rest of the week with this quick workout Get your heart bumping and body moving


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So nice to drop in on our and Year 5s enjoying our Senior School . Looking very mature and studious!


Quite the achievement - well done girls, and thank you for keeping us moving throughout the summer term! A real bunch of superstars 💫💫💫


A short and snappy workout for Wednesday morning from


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Hydration, hydration, hydration! Something we should spend more time ensuring Try this challenge to see if you are usually hydrated!


🎼The countdown to the premiere of our Summer Concert has begun! Still time to check you have popcorn in stock before the music starts at 6pm tomorrow:


A lot to look forward to in Sixth Form.


Creating new and healthy habits can be a real challenge - do you drink enough water? 🌊


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Try this 10 minute challenge to kick start your weekend Get it done!


Our Taster Morning experience this Saturday is so close we are ‘virtually’ there! There’s still time to register for those interested in joining Year 7 in 2021:


For anyone still needing to wake up today, this challenge is for you!


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Very good of to arrange such beautiful weather for me to greet our smiling girls at juniors this morning - I’m sure gate duty is like this all year round 🤣☔️


A wonderful example of Guided Home Learning - top work Misha.


We’re trying something a little bit different, join us this Saturday to see Blackheath High School through the eyes of a Senior School student. Year 5 girls and their parents can register here:


A huge well-done to everyone involved in the Virtual Senior School Sports Day. It's incredible seeing the Blackheath community keeping fit and supporting each other during lockdown.


Push, push Tilly 💪 - a great sports day effort!


Great work girls!


Good work on the 15km, Kate, and good luck on the dismount 🚴🏅


Bonus points for puppy compliance 👍👍


Brilliant. Good to see a family effort bright and early on this beautiful Monday ☀️


Let's get a tally going! Join in with Sports Day and let's see how many kilometres can we collectively walk, run or cycle today.


Discover more about Blackheath High Senior School. Register today for our Virtual Taster Morning for Year 5 girls and their parents:


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Why not see how many of the world's most famous buildings you can climb over the weekend


Well done indeed


We are always proud of our students, and it’s always special when they are recognised by others for how brightly they shine ⭐️ So well done to Ezinne in Year 13 for being named among the 10 best Spanish students in the UK by the Spanish Embassy


Not long now!


Are you considering joining our Year 7 in 2021? Register for our Virtual Taster Morning to sample lessons, take part in a live Q&A panel, and experience our all-new virtual tour for the first time:


Delicioso! 🇪🇸


Immerse yourself in the world of a Blackheath High Senior School student, register for our Virtual Taster Morning for girls in Year 5 and their parents on 27 June, today:


A great photo of Safari featured in the - so pleased she’s happy to be back 😊


Thank you - we are delighted that Safari has settled back in so well!


We had some tremendous feedback from the girls which was hugely appreciated, thank you!


We truly enjoyed the programme for GDST Year 13 girls planning to study French at University, which included a four week history and culture course spanning colonialism through May 68 and exploring Impressionism and Nouvelle Vague with the girls giving presentations in week four.


It's been wonderful collaborating with and in the Limitless Learning Bridging Brogramme for Year 13 girls. It's been a real highlight in this strange time!


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Happy Friyay!!!! A 5 minute Abs blast for you today this will get you ready for a well earned weekend, enjoy.


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"Going to a GDST school opened up a world of opportunity." Dominique Unsworth, founder of alumna talks about her time at


Thank you 🙏

Latest news

October 4

60 seconds with our gap girls

Every January, Blackheath High welcomes three gap students from the other side of the world who are keen to experience life in London and gain work experience. The girls rotate their time between the Junior and Senior schools and get a real insight into life at Blackheath High. Gap girls Jess, Annabel and Katya tell us more: 

What is your role and what does it involve?

Jess: We are ‘Gap Tutors’ which involves admin work (supporting both teachers and office staff at the Senior school) and working with the younger girls at the Junior school. 

Katya: At Junior school, this includes breakfast and holding club. 

How long have you worked here? 

Jess: We started work in January when we all moved to the UK and have split our time between the Junior and Senior schools since then.

Why did you decide to come to Blackheath High? 

Katya: I wanted to take a gap year to work and travel overseas. I’ve been so lucky to end up at Blackheath High, it has been such a wonderful experience to live in another country and work at such an amazing school, and I have had so many unique opportunities from doing this. 

Annabel: I chose to take a gap year before studying and wanted to keep myself busy working during that time.

Jess: A gap year in the UK was very appealing, I had no clue what I wanted to do for a career and was loathe to follow my friends to university ‘just because’. London offered the chance to get out of home and into a much bigger city. This year has been incredibly valuable both in school and out – I have learned so much about myself and about the world. I’ve also gained a lot of knowledge and experience about working in a professional environment - something that not a lot of fresh high school graduates are offered. 

What do you enjoy most about your role?

Annabel: Being able to feel as though I am making a difference, either with the children or in the lives of those I am helping.

Katya: Working with the students, spending time outdoors at the sports field. 

Jess: I love going to the field and getting involved with PE lessons and fixtures. I have also really enjoyed seeing the other side of school so soon after graduating - what goes on behind the scenes and how much leg work is required to keep a busy school running. It may be cheesy but I appreciate my teachers so much more now!

What do you enjoy most about working at Blackheath High?

Jess: The environment at Blackheath High is such a welcoming one, from students and staff alike. Everyone has made us feel at home here and it’s made the work so much more enjoyable.

Annabel: The staff and children are special and make the experience enjoyable.

Katya: It’s such a unique school with so many great opportunities. The girls are all so lovely and it’s such a wonderful environment to work in. All the students and staff are always so nice and friendly. It’s been really great to get to know everybody here. 

What is unique about Blackheath High?

Jess: Blackheath High is a world away from my high school and home. Blackheath High is a lot smaller than my school of 1700 and being an all girls’ school, it has a totally different feel which is a nice change. It is great to see so many feminist values being pushed within the school to empower the girls, to nurture ambition and a hunger for success. 

Katya: I have been blown away by how incredible the staff and students are here. The students are so lucky to go here and it has been so wonderful to see how the staff go above and beyond to make their time here so valuable. I was also so impressed with all of the clubs and co-curricular activities that are available. 

Annabel: The children at the school are genuinely lovely and very kind hearted.

What has been your biggest challenge?

Jess: The last few months of 2016 - sitting my final exams, graduating, working part-time throughout, packing my life into two suitcases and moving out of home, leaving everyone behind to fly halfway across the world to Blackheath High. It was a whirlwind of emotion and it took a while to acclimatise but it is something I am immensely proud of and would likely do again at some point!

Annabel: Being away from family.

Katya: Being fresh out of school and going from being a student to a member of staff and living independently. We’ve all grown so much this year and it has been such a great way to develop independence and life skills. 

Tell us something surprising about yourself 

Jess: I am of Maori descent and can speak a little of the Te Reo language which is dying out of our culture. 

Katya: I was named after a famous skier!

Annabel: I used to be very musical when I was younger, playing both the guitar and cello. Sadly, I don’t remember how to play either of them!

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