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September 20th 2017

Peer Mentors welcome Year 7 into the fold

To introduce themselves, welcome the new Year 7s, and show that they are around to help, our Peer Mentors held a special event on 15 September.

Our dedicated team of Peer Mentors from Years 9-13 have all undertaken training to be part of the Peer Mentor programme, a scheme that encourages listening skills, compassion and understanding. Through the programme, our Peer Mentors provide peer support by listening to students and helping to resolve problems such as homework and friendship issues.

At the welcome event, the Peer Mentors presented a short video explaining where to find the Peer Mentor team, the worry box and how to contact them through Firefly. As an informal way to get to know each other, the Year 7 girls were then invited to join the team in playing games and singing karaoke. A great time was had by all!

To get in touch with the Peer Mentor team, please contact

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