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February 3rd 2017

Co-curricular Corner - Formula 1 Club

In Formula 1 club, the girls work in small teams to complete a series of STEM relevant tasks in an effort to produce the perfect car. This ‘virtual’ car is then entered into a competitive race in the hope of winning it.

Formula 1 club gives the girls an opportunity to apply their mathematical skills in a highly motivated setting. It involves students working together in small teams. These teams set up virtual racing cars and then compete against each other in a series of Grand Prix type races throughout the year. This activity allows students to use and apply a wide range of basic mathematical skills, with some being practical. Students in the club compete against other schools in the UK and the world.

As Thea and Annabel put it, “In the Formula 1 club, we create virtual cars to fit the track that we have been selected to race on. We fit the car to be durable in particular weathers and program our car to do different things. The aim is to be the fastest in the race, but not to crash because you have gone too fast or engineered the car wrongly.” So, it really is all about problem solving when things go wrong, and trying to perfect your car to win the race. It is great fun watching your car in the virtual race, and even better when you win.  We were thrilled last year that we were the only Junior GDST school to win a place in the National finals!


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