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November 25th 2016

Year 11 become Crime Scene Investigators

On Thursday 17th November, our Year 11 girls in our Senior School got to experience what life is really like as a Crime Scene Investigator (CSI).

They were put through their paces and challenged to think ‘outside of the box’ to solve the problems involved in a murder investigation. The day began with a background on the history of investigative science as well as the analysis of commonly found substances from a crime scene.

Then the real fun began, with the girls first putting on the full clothing kit (including very fetching face masks) that would be worn by anybody scientifically investigating a crime. Students then got ‘hands on’ with some real investigative techniques. These included analysis of hair and fibre, ballistics, fingerprint, forensic dentistry, photo fits, blood splatter analysis (the process was modelled with a grapefruit and a hammer, to which some students engaged with relish) and many more. The day ended with a summary and a mock trial (complete with wigs and gowns) to process the evidence collected during the day.

It was a wonderfully engaging and active day enjoyed by all; giving our students lots of food for thought as to what might be possible for them in the future.

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