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July 12

15 minutes in the life of a Tour Producer

Ms Cherie Huang (my mum) came to talk to us today about her job as a Tour Producer for major companies like Shakespeare's Globe and the English National Ballet. We were treated to video clips of various productions and learned about what to take, what to consider and what to do on tour. It was hard for us to believe how much work has to be completed in less than two days before the first show can open in time!

We then concluded that the job as a Tour Producer requires three pillars of learning: Resilience, Innovation and Enterprise. Ms Huang surprised us by revealing her first degree is in fact Doctor of Dental Surgery! She said: "You can be and will want to be the best, only when you are doing something you truly love", and encouraged us to always follow our hearts and chase our dreams, just like she did.

Written by Lyra, Year 6

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