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July 12

Bonding experience on Bronze DofE expedition

Congratulations to the girls in Years 9 and Year 10 from our Senior School who successfully passed their Bronze Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Expedition. We were so proud and impressed by them all. They did so well to cope with the tough weather conditions (it was that really hot weekend in June!).

The girls spent two days hiking in the area around Meopham in Kent. Not only did they have to plan and navigate their own route, but they also had to carry supplies, a tent, a sleeping bag; everything needed to survive the night. They made such a vast improvement from their practice where we had a few going around in circles! When asked about the expedition, the girls said it was ‘fun’, a ‘bonding experience’ and ‘challenging’.

Highlights included walking through beautiful countryside, orchards, cooking (very!) al dente pesto pasta on a balmy summer evening, trying to find shade and looking after each other. Well done girls on your fantastic achievement!

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