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June 14th 2017

From Blackheath High to Antarctica

Hannah Laeverenz Schlogelhofer, a Blackheath High School alumna, has been selected to join the next group of women who will participate in the empowering initiative ‘Homeward Bound’.

This ground-breaking leadership initiative aims to establish a collaborative network of 1000 women across the globe over 10 years. A team of international experts in leadership, science, strategy and visibility will be donating their time and expertise to deliver this year-long programme, which will culminate in a 3-week expedition to Antarctica in February 2018.

Hannah was at Blackheath High School all the way from Reception to Year 13. After completing her A-levels she went on to study Natural Sciences at the University of Cambridge. She is now a PhD student at Cambridge working at the interface between Physics and Biology. Her research focuses on the world of single cell life, aiming to understand the dynamics of how nutrients are exchanged between algae and bacteria. These organisms are important in shaping ecosystems and determining how biogeochemical cycles might be affected by changes in climate. Algae have the potential to provide sustainable biotechnology solutions, for example, in the food industry and for wastewater treatment.

Now that Hannah has been selected to join Homeward Bound 2018, she is raising the necessary funds to really make it happen.

Women and science need a louder, more effective voice in political and commercial debates. Hannah is excited to be joining Homeward Bound’s growing, collaborative community and to discover what they can achieve together. She is determined to make the most of this opportunity, to find ways to share the experience and its outcomes as widely as possible and to make a positive contribution towards a more sustainable future.

To support Hannah as she raises funds to secure her place in the Homeward Bound programme you can visit her crowd-funding page.

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