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May 22nd 2024

Our Year 12s start to pave their futures

Year 12 Futures new

As part of our Futures programme and the students' careers research and planning, Year 12 have started to embark on work experience and leadership opportunities in a range of industries.

Hear from two of our students below on the hugely insightful window on to the world of banking and economics they had access to. 


Head Student Team 2024 Anjini IMG 0844Anjini, who attended the Goldman Sachs Pre-University Women's Event 

I was lucky enough to be selected by Goldman Sachs Pre-University Women’s Event, where I got meet some of the most interesting women. 

The event started bright and early with breakfast, followed by a welcome from several senior members of the company and the Managing Director of Asset Management, who gave us an overview of Goldman Sachs and the different opportunities available. This was followed by a Q&A which included some great practical advice from one of their chartered accountants about student loans, payslips and investments.  

During lunch we had the opportunity to talk to a few staff members about their jobs and ask all our burning questions about working at Goldman Sachs. In the afternoon the Managing Director of Goods Production gave us an overview of trading using Spotify songs, a lovely, creative way to get us all engaged. To finish, we had a ‘Recruitment 101’ presentation, the most helpful part of the day in my opinion.  

Overall, this was such a fantastic opportunity - I learnt so much and couldn’t be more grateful! 


Anjy IEA Internship programme (1)Anjy, who was selected for the Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA) IEA’s Sixth-Form Future Thought Leaders’ Programme 

Huge congratulations to Anjy, who has been selected for the prestigious Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA) Sixth-Form Future Thought Leaders’ Programme this July. The week-long programme for Sixth Formers enables students to obtain experience discussing economic ideas and concepts beyond the exam curriculum - with lectures, discussions, and debates with expert economists. Anjy gives her views on this fantastic opportunity: 

As I am interested in pursuing an Economics degree at university, I set out to look for possible work experiences or internships that would help develop my interest in the subject and offer me more insights. I discovered that economic think-tanks - organisations that conduct research into economic issues - offer opportunities for students; and that Institute of Economic Affairs, the UK’s oldest economic think-tank, had applications open for their Future Thought Leaders’ programme, a week long Summer internship. This would offer students a chance to hear from people in academia about career opportunities, discuss economic ideas outside the curriculum and prepare us for a policy challenge debate on the final day.  

With help and guidance from Ms Day and Mr Sodhi, I curated a cover letter and CV to submit. They offered me invaluable advice about how to plan what I would write, from possible economic books and ideas to write about, to how I could describe my aspirations in the letter. In conjunction with my own research and wider reading around economics, I was obviously delighted to then be accepted for the programme and I am very much looking forward to my internship this summer.” 









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