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May 22nd 2024

Get moving for mental health and happiness

May brings Mental Health Awareness Week, this year with the theme "MOVEMENT: Moving More for Our Mental Health." Teachers planned a variety of daily form time activities, designed to inspire students to get out of their classrooms and get moving, including a rejuvenating stretching session, an intense HIIT cardio workout, a mindful walk in the park, a game of cardio tennis, a salsa taster lesson and an energising Joe Wicks session

When we are active, our bodies release feel-good hormones that can reduce anxiety and stress, and improve sleep. By incorporating movement into our daily routines, we can boost productivity and focus, enhancing overall well-being. And by kicking off each day with some movement, we remember what a huge effect just a little exercise can have on our mental health, and how positive habits lead to a positive mindset. This doesn’t mean we will never feel down or sad, but a strong body creates a strong mind that can handle life’s curveballs when they inevitably come our way. 

Falling the week before exams, it has been a great way to help students manage stress and highlight the positive impact that even a short burst of activity can have on mental health. 

Continuing the Mental Health Awareness theme, we have also held a number of great activities across exam week for our Year 7s as part of their Assessment & Wellbeing Week:

  • Stand Up! Education join us for a collaborative, informative and engaging workshop
  • The Happiness Speaker who held a valuable groupworking session, giving the girls time to reflect and discuss their feelings and emotions
  • Wellbeing workshops in yoga, building mindful music playlists and understanding gratitude
  • And a movie afternoon to finish off the week before a restful half term

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