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July 5th 2023

Kitty Whittington: Year 5 & 6 End of Year Production

The West End came to Blackheath High Junior School on Thursday 22 July! Year 5 and 6 pupils put on a fantastic performance of Kitty Whittington in their annual end of year production, a rags-to-riches story which follows a little girl who finds her way into the big city and pursues her dreams. It is a story that centres on perseverance, resilience and friendship.  

The girls' performance was outstanding, and they shone on stage from start to finish, performing several musical numbers throughout the show, singing beautifully and captivating the audience through song and dance.

Well done to all the performers, set designers and stagehands who displayed much commitment, talent and collaboration throughout the experience, most certainly a memory that will be cherished. 

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