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July 5th 2023

Pride Month Fun-Raising

Our Pride Month fundraising for LGBTQ+ charity Mosaic Trust has been a big hit - from our merchandise stalls selling badges and laces; to drenching the teachers with ‘sponge the teacher’ day; a hilarious talent show; movie night; another relentless, but energetic row-a-thon; and ‘own clothes’ day. 

The highlight of the events had to be the ‘sponge the teacher’ day where students took great delight in singling out our Deputy Head (Staff & Students) Mr Alaru. Not having had enough of a soaking, he played to the crowd, emptying three full bucket-loads over his head at the end.  

Well done to all the staff and Head Students for being such great sports and to all the school for such worthy fundraising. 

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