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June 21st 2023

Spotlight: our Year 9 Academic Scholar Kiki

My name is Kiki and I am currently in Year 9. I joined the school just this year, but already Blackheath High School has enabled me to continue all of my many passions and hobbies that I balance with academic life. 

This year, I had to choose my GCSE subjects, which was difficult for me as the school offers so many good subjects. I chose Geography, Philosophy Religion & Ethics (PRE), French and PE as well as continuing all the mandatory subjects. I wrote a pros and cons list of how I thought subjects would benefit me. When it came to deciding, one recurring theme was that each subject I chose ties into my hobbies and personal interests. As someone who has always valued a good education and who strives for greatness, like many of the girls at Blackheath High do, I find it is important to have a healthy, well-chosen balance of personal interests and academics. I believe that this is what keeps me wanting to come to school every morning and adds to a positive perspective on the potentially stressful and frantic period that teenage life can be. For example in March, I went with several school choirs to perform at the Royal Academy of Music.  

Reading is also something that I spend a lot of time doing and which comes naturally to me. Outside of school, I am a member of the athletics club Cambridge Harriers. Here, I participate in all throwing events and recently came second in discus at the London Schools Athletics Track and Field Championships. This is one of the many ways I spend time enriching my many skills such as teamwork, coordination and physical strength. It also broadens my span of activities and pursuits, and ties in well with my choice of GCSE subjects.  

Developing character and a sense of imagination is heavily encouraged at Blackheath High School. In particular, my English teacher has always taken the extra step of challenging us to extend our vocabulary and improve our writing skills. Through a number of different exercises and techniques, we now have a solidified knowledge of exam-style questions and ways in which to answer them. In PRE, my teacher challenges us to think philosophically and has helped me to gradually develop the skills to write essays confidently.  

In finding life’s balance, ensuring good mental health & wellbeing is something that Blackheath High takes seriously with various assemblies and workshops on a regular basis. This has encouraged me to take mine seriously as well, and one of the ways I do this is taking walks or long hikes. Often on these walks, I identify plant species and different animals my family and I come across. Recently, after completing the Bronze DofE hike, I realised how Blackheath High as a school is so structured around teamwork and unity, yet appreciating and highlighting individuality. This means I am able to focus on my academics while being fully enriched in all the other areas of school life. 

Written by Kiki, Year 9, Academic Scholar

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