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June 21st 2023

Strength through perseverance in the Year 9 DofE qualifying expedition

Many congratulations to the students who passed the Duke of Edinburgh Bronze expedition section. They faced several challenges on the way, not least getting lost and adding an extra 10,000 steps on their trackers (you can see the mixed reactions in the group photo!); but despite this setback, they forged on and made it to Blacklands Farm camping ground before nightfall, conquering the challenge.     

The DofE was established to pose exactly these sorts of challenge, testing young peoples’ skills, teamwork, resilience, problem solving and creativity. We are so impressed with the team for meeting the challenge head-on.The team leader on the day said: “They were amazing. I hope they all go all the way to Gold DofE”!  

Celebrating the social value that DofE brings… 

As a big school supporter of the DofE programme we are also incredibly proud to have received our 'Social Values Certificate' for the year to March 2023 – this is a metric that quantitatively measures the impact and outcomes of social action. We’re delighted that Blackheath High School has racked up an impressive 1,222 hours of volunteering time in the last year, with a social value equivalent of £5,876! Very well done to all DofE student and staff participants. 

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