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May 10th 2023

Broadening economic horizons at Future Thought Leaders Programme

During Easter Half term, I attended the Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA) for their ‘Future Thought Leaders’ programme, four days of fascinating lectures, debates and workshops centred around important economic ideas. 

My favourite lecture was by Chris Snowdown who talked about paternalism, defined as an action performed with the intent of promoting another's good, but occurring against the other's will or without their consent. Here I learnt how policymakers must make use of this in order to improve the overall welfare of society whilst balancing it against macroeconomic objectives. I also really enjoyed Dr Steve Davies’ talk on the Economics behind football, where we learnt the game theory concept of the prisoner’s dilemma. 

We were challenged to use everything we learnt throughout the week to prepare for a debate, where we argued against the implementation of a UBI (Universal Basic Income). This gave me the chance to improve my knowledge about UBI and the UK benefits system, as well as enhancing my teamwork and public speaking abilities. 

Additionally, it was very interesting to speak and meet other students participating in this programme, allowing me to gain a greater insight into their perspective of economic policy and generally broaden my horizons. This programme inspired me to enter the IEA’s essay competition, The Monetary Policy Essay Prize, and has truly deepened my knowledge and passion for Economics in regards to policymaking. 

Written by Alisha, Year 12, Head Student Team 

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