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March 29th 2023

Spotlight: our Year 12 Music Scholar Abigail

Hi I’m Abigail and I am in Year 12. I am currently studying A-level Biology, Chemistry, Maths and an Extended Project Qualification (EPQ). I have been a Music scholar since Year 12 and I am very passionate about music. Along with playing musical instruments, I listen to music on a daily basis (maybe a little bit too much!), and I have realised that music plays a big part of my life.  

I have been playing the piano for over 10 years and have recently completed my Grade 8. Although I love playing, I recently realised that playing the piano for a long time has made me feel “Frei Aber Einsam” (“Free but lonely”, Joachim). To resolve this feeling, I decided to learn the cello to gain more experience of playing with others. I began playing the cello 2 years ago, and I am currently working towards my Grade 5.  

One of the amazing opportunities I am offered at Blackheath High School is to be a member of the school’s orchestra, Sinfonia. I play weekly with instrumentalists of all musical families. Playing in an ensemble has taught me vital skills such as teamwork and we are able to showcase our teamwork in our next performance on 1 April at the Royal Academy of Music, where we will be performing Symphony No. 8 ‘Unfinished by Schubert and Adiemus by Karl Jenkins. In Adiemus, we will be accompanying the Chamber Choir, which will be a new and exciting experience that I am looking forward to.   

As a Music Scholar, I am presented with many other opportunities. For example, I am able to perform in the Classics for Kids programme, where we perform children's songs in an informal environment to young children. Not only does the informal environment create a relaxing atmosphere, but I also get to interact with babies and toddlers who are extremely cute! Our most recent Classics for Kids performance took place on 23 March, where we played animal-themed children’s songs in the run-up to Easter. Our song selection included Spring ChickenBingo Was His Name-OOld MacDonald Had A Farm, The Bare Necessitiesand I Wanna Be Like You (The Monkey Song) from The Jungle Book 

Thank you to Blackheath High School for these many opportunities! 

Written by Abi, Year 12, Music Scholar

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