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March 8th 2023

Year 12s kick-off the SHINE Saturday workshops

In the second half of this Spring term we have been busy kicking off our first SHINE masterclass sessions of 2023. The Saturday workshop sessions, open to local students from surrounding schools, are designed to show education as being accessible and enjoyable to all. The established SHINE project continues to go from strength to strength, making a positive impact in our local community. 

Over the course of 5 weeks, Year 5 children from the Brindishe Federation will be working with a group of Year 12 students and members of Blackheath High School staff on a whole range of exciting activities, from making lava lamps to building their own circuits.   

In the first of our sessions, our Year 12s Cait and Shanti led a session on making lava lamps and taught the Year 5 students all about the science behind how it all works. Fellow Sixth Formers Orlane and Reid ran a session on evolution and taught the Years 5s how to make origami dinosaurs! 

As well as giving our time to primary school pupils in the local community, it gives our Sixth Formers a brilliant opportunity to develop their mentoring and teaching skills and we are pleased to say they have done a fantastic job in planning and delivering their sessions so far.  

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