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March 1st 2023

Mrs Natalie Argile appointed as new Head of Blackheath High School



Blackheath High School is delighted to announce the appointment of Natalie Argile as its new Head. Following a rigorous recruitment process by the Girls' Day School Trust, Natalie was selected for her passion for girls’ education, her ambitious vision for the future of the school and her commitment to the Blackheath High School community.  

A Newcastle University graduate in Chemistry, Natalie first joined Blackheath High School in 2015 as a Chemistry teacher and Assistant Head, having taught at Wilmington Grammar School for Girls where she was Head of Science. She has been Acting Head at Blackheath High since September 2022. Her leadership will see a focus on amplifying the benefits of a girls-only setting, inspiring girls to break boundaries, take intellectual risks and adopt leading, active roles both in and outside school. She will also build on the school’s reputation for academic excellence, as well as enhancing existing offers such as wellbeing and pastoral care. 

As a scientist, Natalie is passionate about defying gender stereotypes and encouraging students to engage with subjects across the curriculum, ensuring that every subject is a girls’ subject. Her girls-only approach will aim to address inequalities, particularly in STEM subjects where women are often underrepresented, ensuring students have every choice available to them. 

Natalie Argile said:I am thrilled to be appointed as the new Head of Blackheath High; it is an incredibly special school, full of energy and life. I am passionate about supporting each and every one of our students - their confidence, ambition, intelligence and warmth are what drive me every day. Their enthusiasm for their work is reflected in their excellent public examination results that continue on an upward trajectory, smashing national expectations year on year. All of this is combined with their impressive achievements outside the classroom. With the support of our inspiring team of teachers and the wider community, I am looking forward to building on harnessing the qualities of our unique school and nurturing the female leaders of tomorrow.” 

Cheryl Giovannoni, Chief Executive of GDST, added: “What sets Natalie apart is her commitment to Blackheath High School, her passion for girls’ education and her fierce dedication to helping each individual student reach their full potential. The GDST’s focus is on preparing young people to build a better world for the future, and understanding how education fits into that goal – Natalie is the ideal person to lead Blackheath High School into that future, and I am incredibly excited to see the next chapter under her leadership.” 

Liz Little, Chair of Governors, commented: “Natalie Argile made a very positive impact on staff and students during her period as Acting Head and so we are delighted that she now has the opportunity to step into this role permanently.  

The Governors look forward to working with her to build on Blackheath High’s unique educational offer, ensuring it continues to encourage and empower every student to ‘boldly go’.” 


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